Dating Women – Two Highly Important Tips

There are many things to do when dating women, unfortunately, most of them will lead you to either pain or trouble. This is why you need to get these two tips always right when dating women. Dating women can be such a fun activity, yet, there are many things when done by you that will lead her to think very badly of you. This is what I’m going to suggest to you in this article. I’m going to provide you with two of the most dangerous thing to do when you are dating women; unfortunately, almost all guys will do either one of them. Try to stay away from them.

· The first tip when it comes to dating women is: never gossip someone she knows! กลุมลับ

Yes, that’s the tip I want to warn you about. Gossiping is such a great tool to pass time and to make yourself feel better. However, it’s also a lethal weapon that will make you look like an insecure, opportunistic, back stabbing guy. No women like this kind of person.

What can even be much more difficult to handle for a woman is you gossiping someone she knows. Women have confessed this to me many times, a guy will be highly attractive and acting so cool when all of a sudden, he will start back stabbing another person she knows and she likes. The result is that she will think of him as a loser and due to women’s natural habit of talking will tell someone who will tell that person about what you said.

Try to stay away from gossiping other people, even if she doesn’t know them. This can also apply to her. If you want to show her a great character and stability, whenever you hear her gossiping another person, even if she doesn’t like them, tell her to stop it. At the moment, she will probably hate you, but later she will respect you and admire you.

· The second tip you should apply when dating women is: always tell the truth.

This will start looking like advices from your mom, trust me, many guys are doing this mistake every time they are dating women. They will start by telling her that they are so talented, they do such and such, and later she will find out that their lives are totally boring and that it was all based on lies. Men will do anything to attract women, even lying. This will work against them and will make them pay dearly later. Always be 100% direct with women, no lies about you or anything related to you.

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