How to Build a Garden Drip Irrigation System

People forget things. It is completely normal to forget to do something from time to time but nothing makes you feel as bad as when you come across your completely dried out plants realizing that you completely forgot to water them.

If this is something that has happened to you more than once you should maybe consider building a garden drip irrigation system for your plants.

Here are two options for how to build a garden drip irrigation system.

Option 1
This option will work well for potted plants.
You Will Need:
* A plastic empty 2 liter water bottle with the lid intact
* A knife
* A drill with a small drill bit

Step 1
Start off by drilling about 8 holes into the cap with your drill. This will allow the water to drip out. The slower you want the water to drip, the fewer holes you need to drill. Make sure that the holes are big enough so that they will not become clogged up by debris.

Step 2
Cut the bottom of the bottle away with the knife to form a funnel.

Step 3
Make a whole next to the plant or between plants that have been grouped together in a pot and burry at least one third of the bottle in the soil with the cap facing down. Press the soil around the bottle to ensure that it remains standing up.

Step 4
Fill the funnel part of the bottle with water to the top and your garden drip irrigation system is done.
All you will need to do is to fill the bottle again when it is empty and add fertilizer to the water in the bottle every now and again.

You can place several of these water bottles in big pots to ensure that all the plants get enough water.

Option 2

This cheap garden drip Voi tuoi cay cam tay irrigation system is ideal for vegetable gardens where plants are not potted.

You Will Need:
* A drill and 1/8 inch drill bit
* A garden hose with a male fitting
* PVC pipe (1/2 in diameter)
* PVC pipe glue
* A PVC ca
* A threaded female PVC fitting

Step 1
Using your PVC pipe glue, glue the PVC cap to one end of your 1/2 inch PVC pipe and allow to dry. Glue the threaded PVC fitting to the other end of the pipe and allow to dry. Make sure that the female threaded fitting will allow you to plug the male fitting found on your garden hose into it.

Step 2
Drill small holes with your 1/8 inch drill bit into your pipe at a rate of one hole every 12 inches until you have covered the entire length of the pipe.


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