Manipulation and Dating Women

Guys often say they’re dating women who manipulate them and play games. Bu truth is, when men first start dating women, games really do attract the man to the woman. Why? Because when women play hard to get, most men try harder. They say they don’t like the challenge, but their actions say otherwise. You want a man to call? Act like you don’t care one way or the other. But when he does, make sure you show that you appreciate the effort. กลุมลับ

Dating Women: The Right Way to Play Hard to Get

Men, when you’re dating women who are playing hard to get, they’re trying to send you a message: they’re important and you need to treat them that way. They’re showing you that they’re picky and they’ll only take the best. It’s up to you to rise to the challenge.

Women, you want him to figure out what makes you attracted to him and what you want from him. You also want him to become sensitive to the things you like. When someone is pursuing you because you’re playing hard to get, he needs to go out of his way to find things that make you happy.

Dating women who play hard to get might seem cheap, but they’re sending a message: I’m worth your effort. And if you are willing to dive in, you’re demonstrating that you’re someone she wants to be with. And when she doesn’t call you back right away, she’s showing you that she wants you to keep working at it. She’s busy and it’s an honor that she’s spending time with you.

Dating Women Who Are Playing Games

When you’re dating women or married to them, they play games. The trick with games, men, is that she wants you to win. She already knows she looks fat in the dress. She wants you to say you liked the other one more, but she looks pretty no matter what’s she’s wearing. She knows it’s a lie. That’s why it’s a game.

Taking It Too Far

There’s definitely such a thing as taking the games and the manipulation too far. If she’s really leading you on and snubbing you, then you should get out. You shouldn’t be constantly making out with a woman, and having her halfway out of her clothes only to hear, “Actually, I’m not ready.” If she wasn’t ready, she should have said so straight out. If, however, she decides not to go home with you, it means she really isn’t ready – or she’s holding out for more than a night of passion or a one-night stand. Make sure that when you’re dating women, you know what you’re willing to take. And make that clear by not playing once it passes that mark.


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